like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote in metaquotes,
like a psychotic rainbow

cbackson, dremiel, and meyerlemon write a novel:

Then Brother #2 vanishes, and Brother #1 thinks he's dead, so he enters an Orthodox monastery and engages in acts of conspicuous penance for many years until he attains vast spiritual prowess. Meanwhile, Brother #1 has gone off to Tibet, where he enters a Buddhist monastery and becomes a Kung Fu master. One day, word arrives that their ramshackle family estate has been invaded by bandits, who are holding their feeble father hostage and oppressing the peasants. So Brother #1 and Brother #2 leave their respective monasteries, overcome the bandits with their combination of spiritual powers and earthly ass-kicking, rescue their father, free the peasants, and go on to become a reknowned crime-fighting duo.

Only then they're like "Wait- we're Russians! What the fuck are we freeing the peasants for?"

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