Carl (themikado) wrote in metaquotes,

oakenguy: foley artist extraordinaire

oakenguy has trouble with City of Heroes...

'City of Heroes' has a boggy area filled with undead and werewolves that I discovered yesterday. Because I can get off maybe ten good blows before I run low on Endurance, and there are usually 7-12 monsters in a group, I typically spend a lot of time doing hit and run attacks. Emphasis on run. Lots and lots of run.

Which is why that tranquil pool looked so inviting....until the glowing zombies rose out of it, all around me.

Which was the exact moment when Toby, who I didn't even know was under my chair, put his COLD PAW ON MY BARE KNEE.

If D asks, that girly scream was a game sound effect. Which, in a way, it was.

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