parsimony & profligacy (okyoufiends) wrote in metaquotes,
parsimony & profligacy

EDIT: Ugh too amused to remember important bits..

From mysticshell ...
subject: "No the erection was not hard enough."
I work at Pfizer. Inputting files. Yes?

Okay. I've been working with Sildenafil today. A lot. Sildenafil is better know as Viagra. The jokes ensue. Such as the first Sildenafil file I entered was 69 pages long. And that all of the files were quite large in comparison with the other drug files.

And then I saw the survey files and a question asking if intercourse was satisfactory. One of the possible aswers was 'no the erection was not hard enough', hence my subject line.

How the hell am I suppose to concentrate and do this with a straight face??


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