boodie (dharawal) wrote in metaquotes,

benthecube from here on something he'd pefer his partner never to see him do

On a completely unrelated topic (because I just couldn't work out how to flow into this extremely hilarious story from the previous topic), there is one thing that I would never want a prospective partner to see me doing; cleaning the shower. If they saw me pooping I could cope with that, that's just awkward, but if I were caught cleaning the shower I don't see that I could ever live down that kind of shame. Picture it: me, naked and freezing, half covered in shower-clean, nipples that could cut glass and genitalia that's retreated so far north I'm practically a woman, scrubbing mould and other biological matter from corners of the shower that I don't normally see thanks to being half blind without my glasses. If that didn't make any thoughts of sex with me unappealing then, my god, what would?

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