Silmaril (silmaril) wrote in metaquotes,

"Roach, 2-3 inches, can fly."

I really don't quite know which bit of this entry to quote. From the ever-hilarious crevette, it features cats helping make the bed, cats helping unmake the bed, male and female nudity, a boar spear and a broad sword, hair, lack of hair, and a monster of a Palmetto bug.

In short, you must really read the whole thing. If you value your keyboard and monitor, you'll put down your drink first...

...Remember, we're ex-SCA geeks and he has this spear that he keeps next to the bed. Next to his throwing spear. And his broadsword.

Because if someone breaks in, I'm sure the sight of a naked, Yeti-hairy man with shaved balls weilding a boar spear will make any hardened criminal think twice about fucking with us. Really.

So he'd tried to spear the Palmetto Bug. Obviously, he'd missed. Obviously, the Palmetto Bug had taken flight. Obviously, the Palmetto Bug had not only taken flight, but he'd landed in our bed.

Okay, skeeve central. No way in the name of fuck am I sleeping in this room now. Not until he is hunted down and DEAD...

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