The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga (deltashade) wrote in metaquotes,
The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga


In this metameta, hilarity ensued as a direct result of bashing Anne Rice. But hey, that's always the result, isn't it?

theblackdog2071: You guys do know that the more you wank on Anne Rice, it means that more people see her name and go and buy her books.

_redpanda_: Dude, people making fun of Robert Jordan, the Gor novels, and Anita Blake SAVED me from them!

worldmage: Well, unlike, say, the Gor novels (*shudder*), Anita Blake at least was good in the early novels. Y'know, before Anita decided that if everyone else in the series was going to suffer from testosterone poisoning then by God so was she, and then proceeded to try solving every problem by fucking it into submission.

Anita: Oh, shit, I locked my keys in the car! *mounts the doorhandle*

Anita: Oh no! I'm about to be hit by a bus! *spreads her legs and swallows the bus into her Vagina-of-Holding*

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