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Do not meddle in the affairs of filkers

... for they are not at all subtle, and people remember funny songs!

Someone crossposted a very explicit, very kinky personal ad in a community which does not allow personal ads. hitchhiker got bardic on his ass over in dot_poly_snark. Not really worksafe -- no graphics, but your co-workers will want to know why you're laughing hysterically!

Anal plugs
Bondage (light)
Bondage (heavy, day-and-night)
Masturbation, penetration
The occasional hard bite
Being lent
Getting laid
Chores and serving as a maid
Exhibitionism, beating
Controlled bathroom use and eating
Cattle prods! Anal play
Lots of sex, both straight and gay
And of course I would require you to shave
If that sounds good to you
Come on and join the queue
To be my slave
Be my slave
Be my slave

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