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Only Michiganders understand why Detroit is still lovable.

edoney has a lovely entry, a response to a news item about obesity, about why Michigan folks love Detroit in spite of it being...well, Detroit. It's all really accurate if you're from Michigan and deserves reading, but I found this bit too funny not to share.

Things like this crack me up. "Detroit is horrible...oh god, somebody just nuke it off the face of the planet before it spreads!!" ...and then articles like this come out..."despite being absolutely HUGE, the residents don't seem to display any of the usual unpleasant side effects of obesity. Scientists are BAFFLED." Mwah ha ha...what they don't realize is that all the violence, grime and god-only-knows-what in the Detroit river are breeding a super-human race of gigantic, blob-like people with no need for their arteries. It's evolution right before our eyes! - edoney

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