Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

Customers Suck? Try meeting Satan in a deli.

anti_nowhere experiences supreme bitchiness in a deli during a power outage. He deserves good karma:

Everyone is instructed to put down their groceries and leave the store. They are told they will be allowed back in the store to complete their purchases once power is restored. Sounds like simple instructions right? Yes they are. Everyone seems to be fine with this except Satan. Yep, she couldn't just take off the bitch hat for one minute and be reasonable.

Satan: "Well, I'd still like some service?"

*rolls eyes*

Me: "Ma'am I can't serve you because our scales are off and I can't weigh anything. The cashiers resgisters are also off and they can't put your groceries through."

Satan: "Can't you plug the scales back in?"

Me: *WTF* "No ma'am, all the power is out."

Satan: "Well, turn it back on. I'm a loyal customer and I want some service."


full post over here, ladies and gents.

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