The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga (deltashade) wrote in metaquotes,
The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga

rikoshi is a regular playwright, as shown in this post at fanficrants.

The Yarn of the Blooming Author

being a play in three acts

Act I:
Author: I have an idea for a story that I think is charming and entertaining. I think I shall write it anon!

(He DOES.)

Readership: Author, your story is quite good! Have a huzzah, good chap!

Act II:
Author: The people love me, and I have captured their spirit! I can do no wrong!

(AUTHOR writes a new story while MASTURBATING to their own SELF.)

Author: Good people! See, now, my story, and rejoice!

Readership: Your story is a travesty, Author! The Soul of Pretension shines through, and you should be duly shamed!

Author: Alas!

Act III:

Author: All is for naught! The only thing left to do is to nail myself to this cross.

(The Author DIES.)

Anne Rice: Welcome back to my loving bosom, child. Now, frolic in the fields of my Elysium, and write your one-handed self-aggrandizement to your heart's content!

Author: Huzzah!


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