Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

I am a creature of the pod - and I am happy.

grimlock88 relates the one things that brings gamers together, a shared experience of complete and utter obsession.

*edited for 2 minor grammatical nuances*

Every gamer must have experienced this at least once in their lives -
when the moment is all and you can only think of the next strategy, the
next plan, what enemies lurk within the gloom. You don't feel hunger or
thirst, nor do you remember your need to go to the bathroom. If it
weren't built-in to your subconsciousness you would forget to breathe.
As long as there is no respite, as long as there is nothing that would
make you stop to even think about anything else but the simulated
experience before you, you simply continue playing. You are a pod

Most games did not contribute too much to this
syndrome of sorts since games always take breaks. Game would have
levels where you can stop to see your scores, perhaps nip out for a
bite to eat then return. With MMORPGs, there is no stopping. The
monsters just keep on spawning and spawning...the levels get higher and
higher. There is no plot. There is only the hacking and slashing, the
cries of the dying and the dead. You click and click to send bolts of
lighting shooting from the heavens or to call up potions that restore
life and ensure a few more minutes connected to worlds that may never

The entire post here, sans editing. :D

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