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Into the gutter we go...

From fluffygremlin from a f-locked post with permission.

I’m all for teasing. Waiting and longing only make things better in the long run. However, teasing me while I am at work and with full knowledge that we won’t see each other tonight is a terribly horrible thing to do. Granted, a good phone bone is nice and all, but it gets to the point where anything less than flesh on flesh won’t be appeasing. We have now reached that point and I will pummel you into submission if you don’t stop being a brat.

Hmm… submission… Handcuffs… Whips and…. ACK! Get out, foul thought! I whilst not follow thee into the gutter of filth and depravity… And the reason I won’t follow? Because I’m already there, vibrating cock ring in hand, waiting for the time to pounce on unsuspecting prey!

I have issues. I know that I have issues. You’ll forgive me, I know, because you all have issues too.

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