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On ferrets. And many other types of animals.

Today over at the ljdq, my co-mod chaosvizier threatened to eat a ferret. Why would he harbor such hatred for a cute little fuzzy Slinky, you ask? He answers that question at length in this post. chaosvizier writes of many ferret escapades, finishing up with this:

"In the end, the ferret had the last laugh. The year came to an end, and the apartment needed to be cleaned out. Trash removal, washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, the whole nine yards. Into the living room we plunged, lifting carpets and chairs and tables and more. Finally, the big sofa went up on its side, and from an unnatural hole in the back poured ten months' worth of hidden ferret droppings, like coins from a Vegas slot machine. It was a veritable jackpot of crap. There were some coins in the deposit as well. No one went for the change."

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