voodoo child (rowenablue) wrote in metaquotes,
voodoo child

pouringsand has a lovely discussion with a customer about God's plan for nonbelievers during the apocalypse:

found here.

And then... the Left Behind books. Sigh. At this point, the customer became especially animated, and the things he said grew progressively weirder. Some quotes:

"Well, if you liked The Stand, you'll love the Left Behind series... Stephen King just took the bits of Revelations he liked and fictionalized his account of the end of the world, but the authors of Left Behind really remain true to the Bible's account as it will soon unfold!"


This odd bit was repeated frequently, and he was very emphatic about it--"You would rather have YOUR HEAD CHOPPED OFF than be left behind! Really, your HEAD ACTUALLY CHOPPED OFF! You know those chopping blocks the French had to cut people's heads off? Well, believe you me, you would rather put your head in one of them and have it CHOPPED COMPLETELY OFF than be left behind!"

after hearing the same customer the prescence of of blue crystals as proof that God had destoryed Sodom and Gomorrah

Um... what?! (I was so tempted to ask if scientists found a lot of evidence of heads having been chopped off, too, but stayed my tongue.) Blue crystals = God's power. So God is manifesting his divine power in people's toilet bowl cleansers, rock candy and litterboxes, too, I'm guessing. Impressive.

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