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We had all your plans cancelled

From nigelnameddog, a dialogue with her boss, then describing her coworkers

Millberger: Good morning, Laura. Did you see we got you a computer?
Laura: yes, thank you. It's actually only a monitor though.
Millberger: oh, hmm. We'll get you a computer then. You do know you're moving up here next week full time?
Laura: I didn't.
Millberger: You are.
Laura: Oh, um, well but I'm going away for all of July.
Millberger: Nope. We canceled that. We had all your plans canceled.
Laura: Hmm, I thought I was only here for a week.
Millberger: No. [walks off]

I work with Millberger's daughter Mary, who is 25, and this girl named Laura, who is 22 and has a husband, two kids, and a house. They are both extremely nice and we get along just great as long as I don't act like me at all. So I spend all day looking at furniture they are thinking of buying and listening to them go on about that girl who's husband killed her and her unborn baby right before Christmas, and how said girl's husband's girlfriend wrote a book and I should read it and they are on diets so they can only have a slim fast for lunch but they can have one bag of cheetos as an afternoon snack, and one of the receptionists at our office is having an adulterous affair with one of the head engineers and his wife found out and now he's moved in with the receptionist, etc.

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