Teal (teal_cuttlefish) wrote in metaquotes,

When your mother is cold...

An impassioned argument here as to if a Goddess is a Patron or Matron, including Latin root words and current English usage:

(The eventual decision was that matron and patron were different words, and Patron Goddess was appropriate.)

hagazusa: How do you matronize someone? Scold them for not having matching shoes and handbag?

gilamonstre: There's a terrifying use of stereotype.

Hrmmm. If I were to "matronize" someone, the scolding would be a lot more oriented to "you'd better take care of yourself or I'll kill you" rather than the patronizing version of "I know better than you, so just listen you idiot".

Heh. Maybe that's the ticket. This was a matronizing snark for a patronizing community!

hagazusa: How about, "I am the Mother of All Things and all things should wear sweaters. PUT ON THAT SWEATER RIGHT NOW!!!!!" ;)

gilamonstre: Deal! Now THAT's matronizing.

Of course, given that definition -- all of the godesses I know really are matronly. ;)

(I asked permission, but it was in a public post, so I lost patience and posted anyway...)
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