And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Just because Ewan's in "Trainspotting" doesn't make it slashy! (or does it?)

I was talking with my mother about this and that. My brother came upstairs, and somehow the conversation turns to the fact that 'train spotters' is used as a nickname for mechanical engineers.

Mum: Train spotters, you mean like the film?
Brother: Yeah, 'Trainspotting' isn't that slashy?
Me: O.O No.
Mum: Whaty?
Me: Nothing. And it's not. It's quite violent I think, and has something about drugs in it too.
Mum: What does slashy mean?
Me: It's not important, it's just a geeky thing. I think 'Trainspotting' is set is Glasgow -- which doesn't rhyme with 'Cow' -- and it's about these young people who are into drugs and things. It's quite violent too, I think. It looks quite interesting really. It's got Ewan McGregor in it, which is cool. It's set in
Brother: Well that was a torrent.
Me: *glare*
Mum: Oh. What does that word mean? Shippy or shoppy or something?

So the rest of that half hour was spent with mum going 'Shippy, shoppy, chappy? It begins with a 'sh' and has a 'p' in it somewhere.'
Me: No it doesn't.
Brother: Yes it does.
Me: Maybe you imagined it.
Mum: Why won't you tell me what it is?
Brother: It's not really important.
Me: And the brotherhood would kill us if we told you anything. You burn tonight, brother.
Mum: Oh go on, tell me. It's an 'in' thing. I want to know what it means.
Me: No, it's not an 'in' thing. Ask any cool teenagers you like and they won't know. It's just one of those silly geeky things. You, boy. burn. Burn. BURN.
Mum: So if I go into Forbidden Planet and shout it out no one will know what it means?

At which point I start giggling because the thought of my mum going into Forbidden Planet and shouting out 'SLASH!' is quite amusing. Mum got upset in the end and started sulking. Now I've been following my brother around all night telling him there's a special place in geeky hell for him where he will be poked by ewoks with pointy sticks. He has also been demoted from 'Nerd' to 'Loser.'

It's just, Gyah! Slash isn't something I really want to explain to my parents y'know?

-- _rabia_

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