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Everything I Know About Strange Fandoms I Learned From My Friends List

This is fun, I didn't get to do it the last time around, and by gum I want to ressurrect it. In short: what do you know about fandoms you otherwise know v, little about, thanks to your LJ friends? In my case:

Star Wars: All Jedi-on-Jedi action, all the time. With occasional mass screams of horror when Yoda decides to get in on the hawt master/appentice action.

Stargate: It's got Richard Dean Anderson.'s got Richard Dean Anderson? And it's Much Better Than The Movie, which frankly wouldn't be difficult.

Angel: Blah blah blah Lorne blah blah blah Cordelia's baby blah blah blah what the fuck is Spike doing there?

Due South: Hot Mountie. And his loyal wolf. And at least fifteen guys named Ray, one of whom is the Mountie's Heterosexual Lifemate. They fight crime!

- _redpanda_

Read the rest here.

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