O.K. (caprinus) wrote in metaquotes,

Oh those snarky knitting circles!

From http://www.livejournal.com/community/knitting/4714652.html

patdev posted something of dubious veracity about New Zealand sheep, and others were quick to poke fun at the misconceptions... the Laurel Wreath goeth to lynsage who shares some little known facts:

lynsage: did you know that australians make their jeans out of kangawool that they lovingly comb from the 'roos while feeding them shrimp from the barbie? i bet you didn't!

americans just scream bible verses at the sheep and feed them big macs until all their wool falls out from the stress and then blame it on saddam hussein!

stacye13: and all southerners are just like the guys on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour!

lynsage: i'm sorry, i live in tennessee, where the hills are so high we don't get good reception on our broken TVs with tinfoil antennas. you'll have to explain to me what the blue collar comedy tour is.

and blue collars? honey, we don't wear shirts with collars! we wear tank tops from wal-mart with nascar logos on 'em!

brb, i gotta go get my five kids outta the woodshed before they get tipsy on moonshine and barbeque their pet raccoon.
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