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You may or may not know about the Drama going on with HMV and Alanis. This is from seraphic_slayer's lj here
Guess he won't be coming in for any lattes...
So it begins with this. For the too-lazy-to-read the basic gist is that HMV, a Canadian music store company, decided to get uppity with Alanis Morissette.

Alanis signed a six week exclusivity deal with HearMusic a division of Starbucks, so her CD, for the next six weeks is only available in Starbucks stores. HMV got pissy about this and decided to pull all of Alanis's albums from their if that would actually hurt her.

It wouldn't.
ANYways, a few days ago, Dennis, hearing that Stephen's store would be carrying her CD asked me to ask Stephen if he would grab a copy for him, which Stephen did today. Then, my beloved Starbuckian decided to have a little fun.

Stephen: (holds up Den's CD) Look what I got.
Jae: Oh, thanks. I'll let him know.
Stephen: I was a prick with Dennis's CD.
Jae: How were you a prick with Dennis's CD?
Stephen: I went and got Dennis's CD, paid for it and then, on my lunch break took it over to the HMV.
Jae: (raises an eyebrow)

Stephen: I went up to the guy behind the counter and said "Excuse me, I was in here on Friday and got this, I was wondering if I could get another?" (Note: HMV tried to sell the CD last Friday to fuck over Starbucks and they were ordered to remove it from their stores as it wasn't supposed to go on sale until yesterday. And only in Starbucks.) And the guy leans over the counter, looks me dead in the eye and says quietly and angrily "I know where you work. Get the fuck outta here."
Jae: (laughs like a bitch while reaching for the phone to call Dennis and tell him)

My sweetie is the absolute shit sometimes. He's completely bananas, he really is. In other news on the whole Alanis/Starbucks/HMV thing, HMV have royally fucked themselves over. When they pulled Alanis's old stuff, they pulled Sony products and Sony Canada and HearMusic, the company that is distributing Alanis's new CD have decided that from now on HMV will be getting all of their product 30 days AFTER the general release date.
With one simply hissy fit, HMV has gone an damn near cut their revenue directly in half.

Good work guys. Goooooooooood fucking work.

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