Sir Squishington of Westminster (palmer_kun) wrote in metaquotes,
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Meta-Meta time

In a discussion about people who actually ask people to metaquote them:

stardance: That was funny, but it's also kind of lame that she asked to be meta-quoted.

palmer_kun: Anyone who asks to be meta'd shouldn't be.

active_apathy: I'm still not sure which is worse out of asking to be quoted, and the casual observers who merrily say 'That needs to be quoted!', not least because it forever kills the chances of whatever it was actually being meta'd.

Someone should remind people that it's honestly not hard to join. We're not a secret society, and the most complicated initiation rite there is at the moment is clicking a text link on the comm info page. The text link doesn't demand blood sacrifice, complicated chants, dancing in a circle or living alone in the woods for a month equipped with only a green pencil.

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