Cute but Carnivorous (visp) wrote in metaquotes,
Cute but Carnivorous

Such a Way With Words

From rwp in childfree.

"I can't even begin to comprehend what prompted my mother to say what she did. There was no children around us to set off her BABYEZZ-radar and we weren't actually talking about children or my child-free status. I don't know...maybe menopause fucks some women up or something, but I don't think I could've been more horrified if someone had walked into Taco Bell, chopped off my father's head with a samurai sword and then used the blood spurting out of his neck stump to draw stick figures in assorted lewd and lusty positions on my forehead."

Further on down:

"Her tubes are tied up tighter than a Dominatrix's bitch."

Edit: Whole thing here

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