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nightwish_fan and I were talking on msn about us meeting up when me and mum go to London next week, and she started thinking about some text messages we sent back and forth a while back when we were playing around with the idea of meeting up. Basically, she's bi and I'm bi, and we ended up talking about kissing eachother and stuff. Anyway, so this conversation starts:

moonykins: I just think it'd be weird kissing you, since we're friends. It would be the same kissing Viggy. Weiiiird. I just can't imagine what it would be like, lol
nightwish_fan: lol i know!
nightwish_fan: it would be so weird
moonykins: yeah. I bet I'd start giggling
nightwish_fan: close our eyes and iamgine Johnny Depp?
moonykins: lol!
nightwish_fan: actually that might be even more weird!
moonykins: lol yep
nightwish_fan: "Do I feel boobs, omg, johnny!"
moonykins: "hmm, Johnny, whenever did you become a
nightwish_fan: "Being on a ship full of pirates changes a man...."
moonykins: "Indeed"

Not quite sure which one of us made the funny, but I think the whole thing is the funny anyhoodle, so it doesn't matter. Or something. My head hurts.

The whole post is here, though there's nothing much more funny there, just talking about the trip.

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