Allassein (allassein) wrote in metaquotes,


From this post about a bill to repeal the 22nd amendment (the one limiting presidents to serving two terms) at ljdemocrats comes these comments:

amyrose: Maybe if we never had term limits FDR would still be Pres. Sure he's been dead a long time, but I'll take that over what we have now. :P

lavajin: Zombie President!!!!!

low_key: "...And in political news; FDR won his latest bid for reelection in a stunning landslide. This victory comes despite Republican efforts to paint him as a 'soulless brain-eating abomination to God.' Although briefly stunned by the accusations, the Democrats fired back with an ad campaign that showed he never ate the brain of anyone who 'didn't deserve it' and then countered with the highly successful, 'At least you don't have to sell your soul to be a Democrat.'"

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