Melody (mellowmcyellow) wrote in metaquotes,

"Tomorrow is the day when I will stop procrastinating!!!!
I'm so excited to see how productive I'll be!
Actually today was supposed to be the day, but you know."

"What a sad sad world this would be if girls were actually as fat as they thought they were."

"I'd like to create a new piece of jewelry, and here's how it works: it's a Suggestion Ring. A Suggestion Ring is a ring you present to your lover, and it suggests to her that you intend to later give her a promise ring. A promise ring, of course, means two things: 1) I promise that me giving you a suggestion ring was no fluke, and 2) We're engaged to be engaged! Let's celebrate by finally having sex! Shortly after this point, you're free to break up with your potential fiance, because another meaning of the promise ring is "I promise that I'll break your heart later." If you elect to not break up with your lover, well, then comes the engagement ring, and finally, the wedding ring. But it all starts with the suggestion ring! Available in white or yellow gold, the suggestion ring contains a modestly-sized [so as not to distract from the promise ring, engagement ring, or wedding ring] diamond, and retails for between $799 and $1500.

Also, jewelers are beginning to sell the You Look Familiar, Have We Met Before? Ring, a simple-yet-elegant band which, according to Emily Post, is presented on bended knee to someone you find attractive at a bar. If accepted, the ring represents your commitment to buy that person a drink."

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