Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory (mcity) wrote in metaquotes,
Jonn Wood: Defective human, return to factory

Comment on my non-locked post at bad_rpers_suck. All you need to know is that the RP character profile in question had copious amounts of leather. In an RP that takes place in a bath.


WHO THE FUCK WEARS LEATHER IN A BATH?! I hope she's got lots of money to replace that stuff.
wunkpowerOh, but this isn't just any type of normal leather... This is High-Grade, water-resistant Sue (tm) Leather! Made from the flesh of various canon characters, such as Hermiones and Legolases... Legolasi... Elves, this leather is prized by many a dominatrix!Sue and punk!Sue alike!
Noyoki_sato: ....... *cries on your shoulder.*
Wunkpower: Yes... Tis unfortunate... It's why canon is such an endangered species now.

Boycott Sue-Leather. Save Canon and Fandom, in their natural habitat.

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