whobunkyboo (whobunkyboo) wrote in metaquotes,

After I posted kit_ping  's musical musings on Roger Water's failure to see dark sarcasm as a teacher survival technique, active_apathy had this to say:

Roger: "Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone."
Teachers: "We wish you were here! They're like dogs. You can hear them from the dark side of the moon! The noise even echoes."
Roger: "...damn. You don't get enough money. Here, have a cigar."
Teachers: "And if you let 'em near sugar they go into a kind of interstellar overdrive."
Roger: "I'm lost for words. Kids weren't like that when I was at school."
Teachers: "Apples and oranges..."
Roger: "Um... I'm just going to run like hell. There's an Ibiza bar tht needs me." [Flees]


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