Rashka the Demon (wolf in the cave) (rashaka) wrote in metaquotes,
Rashka the Demon (wolf in the cave)

eegatland on nurturing young alcemists in training. At least it's not pogs or HP wands!

Okay, all you Fullmetal Alchemist addicts, my children are now out on the patio trying to fill a transmutation circle with bugs. They're sitting crosslegged, facing each other over their chalk drawing.

Mark: NO, SARA, if you do that all the bugs will come!

Sara: It's okay, Mark, we can easily make them go away again. All right, are you ready? Three. Two. One.

In unison--excuse me, WHEN EXACTLY DID THEY PRACTICE THIS?--they clap their hands and slap them down into the circle.

Mummy: Oh, thank goodness, it didn't work. Maybe you didn't draw your transmutation circle properly. Get on with it, I have to go unpack the groceries.

link: here

And one of the more amusing replies--

rachelmanija: Make sure they don't try to resurrect dead bugs-- that could end badly.
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