Victor Stillwater (i_am_stillwater) wrote in metaquotes,
Victor Stillwater

chelkitty stikes again.

This time, her and a friend's reaction to Jessica Simpson's boots are made for walking video

omg its chellay: yanno what though? jessica can sing sometimes.
omg its chellay: but in this vid
cmhahtd31415: Yeah, she can.
omg its chellay: is just...she sounds like a dying cat.
cmhahtd31415: Yeah.
cmhahtd31415: HAHAHAHA.
omg its chellay: or a horny female cat.
cmhahtd31415: HAHAHAHAHHA.
omg its chellay: screeching and humping everything she sees.
cmhahtd31415: I think the latter was the intended effect. :-P
cmhahtd31415: I just wonder if the guy she's seeing these days (I don't even know...) has a barbed penis. :-P

The whole short post, including a link to the video in question here

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