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An open letter to the Jedi

saint_gachnar writes in angryletters:

Dear Jedi Council

Seriously, fuck off. You’re stupid emotional fuckwittage ruined the republic AND created fucktards like the sith. I hate you so much, and it’s not a bad emotion. If you don’t “give in” to your anger sometimes, shit festers and you end up wanting to chop off the chancellor’s head or leaving your apprentice to burn to death on a lava pit. You’re distrustful and elitist assholes who SERIOUSLY need to get laid.

So in conclusion, there is SO a try. And fear doesn’t always lead to anger. Sometimes it leads to being comforted, but you dickheads wouldn’t know anything about that shit, would you? Go shove some meditation beads up your ass, you retarded dead bastards.

Love, Bethy

[plug] And by the way, feel free to check out the angryletters community. It's awesome for stress relief, and good for a whole ton of laughs and potential metaquotes. [/plug]

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