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From my entry here, re: going to hell due to sexy Roman Catholic priest calender. :pets it:

hisgreyeyes: Dude, this is so wrong.
You think there's room in that confessional for me too? (Ah, the lamentations of generations of Irish girls - Father What-a-waste!)

birdsflying: Tell me about it. My convent's chaplin was hot. We all had the biggest crush on him. Hell, I went to catholic mass for him and I'm agnostic (and er, protestant.)

And people wonder where I get my priest kink from. Spending my impressionable years in a Irish catholic convent.

kitsune76: That and the fact that you *are* actually an imp of Satan in human form.

And don't deny it, I've seen your *true* form!

It still comes back to me in nightmares...

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