Digi Moe (digital_monk) wrote in metaquotes,
Digi Moe

This might only be funny to total whackers. But in the_bravest (a community for firefighters, EMTs, etc) pete_diddy copy/pastes a story about an engine in New Jersey driving through a house.

In the comments:
Now that's an aggressive interior attack...

Here are the pictures from the post.

And in case you care, nobody in the engine, or the house was hurt. The engine was coming back from a service funeral for a former deputy chief and I think this quote from the article is even funnier:
"I heard a big bang, I didn't know what happened at first, then I saw the truck into the house," Andaloro said, adding the state has turned down requests for double yellow no-passing lines on Route 40 from Summer Avenue to Brewster Road. "I guess they think there are not enough accidents," she said.
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