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Logic vs. PMS

In response to my flocked entry on boys and their non-understanding-me-while-I'm-PMSing ways jenakle had a few little gems in her response:

eighthcloud : I'm feeling very bitter because no natural born male will ever understand what it's like to go through PMS.


I'm not blaming them, of course, because that would be irrational. I know that they'll never understand, because, well, ya know. Genetics and all. But wouldn't that be nice for you to say "Man, my lower back hurts from cramps" and not have "But I thought cramps were in the front?" as a response? ::sigh::

jenakle : And I'm also thinking, any guy that tries to validate my attitude with 'huh, PMSing again?' comment, should not be suprised when I throw a vase at his head. I mean, really. Whether I'm going through mood swings or not, if I'm yelling at you, it's likely because you've effed up, and I'm just now getting the cajones to tell you about it. In fact, 6 times outta 10 he deserves worse bitching out than my once a month vent-a-thons can clear, and if he can't get that yes, I'm still pissed about having our weekend ruined by his ineptitude and inability to not only correctly apologize but actually find a decent way to make up for it, then he totally deserves a moment of shocked fear and 'ok, I'd better get the fk outta here and not come back unless I'm holding chocolate and Buffy DVDs.'
Not that a guy could really comprehend the necessity of these objects. I mean, these are MINOR sacrifices to the goddess of woe. She could take out her wrath on dinner, credit cards, and playstations. Guys, do yourself a favor: please the goddess, then go away until wanted around again.

I'm thinking there should definitely be a book out there, given to all young men at the beginning of dating age to warn them the dos and don'ts of girlfriend management. PMSing will have its own chapter, followed by a unit of horror stories for what happens when you're too male in the face of Rawring Woman.

Guys, learn, or be doomed to be forever monthly hated.
Seriously? That's a bare minimum. Try the pregnancy thing and you've got solid months of PMS on your hands. Speak softly, and carry a big present.

cut because it's long.

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