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It happened here.

thephantomq: Oh, and that's frosting, by the way.

chainsaw_hime: Suuuure it is.

elettaria: I'd have taken it for toothpaste, myself.

tallest_spork: and by "tooth", you mean "man"

active_apathy: And if toothpaste is used for cleaning teeth, then...

laurenmitchell: Manpaste would have to come in different varieties though, since not all men want to be shiny and white.

active_apathy: Oh, of course - but if it comes in triple-stripe, then it's time to start backing away slowly. There could even be special ones, like a gentle one for sensitive guys or a special formulation for smokers that removes stains and helps get rid of the smell.

I don't think they like it much if you try to roll the tube up to get the last of it out.

active_apathy: ...and that pun was honestly an accident. *hides*

laurenmitchell: Oh, sure, sure.

active_apathy: It was! All I wanted to do was use some small amount of penetrating wit to write a comment that might help spray a few drinks at screens amidst ejaculations of laughter! Oh god, what's the world coming to when people can't read a perfectly innocent sentence without then fingering their keyboards to highlight some perceived double entendre that's aroused their suspicions.

Oh. Wait... Nevermind.

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