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from a locked journal with persmission

cut for some naughty bits..
beccak1961 reminisces about her days as a phone sex operator

A posting in another community made me think of my days on the sex phone lines (I'm also avoiding math homework)

Oh, Baby, I'm so glad you called (How dare you interrupt Judge Judy)

I've been so horny waiting for you to call (I've been cleaning my oven and I'm filthy, only not in the way you are thinking)

I'm wearing a black lace push up bra that shows off my creamy full breasts and hard tingling nipples (I'm wearing sweats with pizza stains and I haven't showered in three days)

You're so big and hard, I've never seen one bigger! (except on my hampster, only he's not as hairy)

Call me again, I can't wait to talk to you, you made me come 5 times because you're so sexy (call and ask for me by name because I get an extra dime a minute to put up with your lame fantasy)...

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