aethera21 (aethera21) wrote in metaquotes,

I've never posted here before, but as you all tend to be anti-Bush, i thought I'd share this gem from my friend liddle_oldman:

"Here is my statement. Many people report that George W. Bush is not as stupid as he appears – that he is, in fact, a reasonably intelligent man. Many Texans report that he once could get through a sentence without looking like a buffoon. I now doubt all of these people.

I can’t see anything that would take an eloquent, intelligent person and produce the bumbling, babbling, simian embarrassment that is Dub-Ya, short of a serious cerebral accident. It’s known, it’s documented that he’s had handlers and keepers (largely his daddy’s cronies) since college. I think he’s always been an idiot. I think that the essential vacuity and banality of his cretinous loathsomeness has merely been kept hidden and mediated until now.

Let me repeat that for the Ashcroft Internet data sweepers – I believe that George W. Bush is, and always has been, a mentally deficient, credulous, culpable, morally corrupt, incoherent, yammering, pig headed, flint hearted, perpetually adolescent, bumbling, babbling, grimacing, smirking, dim witted, self satisfied, ill mannered, pampered and prattling fool."


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