Furious Ming (thepeopleseason) wrote in metaquotes,
Furious Ming

I, for one, welcome our new Girl Parts overlords.

musesfool takes issue with the recent Veronica Mars fandom wank over Kristen Bell posing nude:
As the photograph in question was artful and tasteful, I'm at a major loss to understand the whole, "I've lost respect for her, that trashy whore, I can't enjoy the show anymore," vibe of the response. She hasn't done anything illegal or immoral. Hell, it's not even fattening. It's her body, after all. Why shouldn't she be proud of it? I mean, she's not sticking her bits in your face, after all.

And even if she *were* - dude, I like my girl parts. They're pretty. And they have the power to make me feel very, very good. Now, I have no desire to go around examining other women's bits, but still, I find the whole "ew! girl parts!" thing baffling and reminiscent of grubby nine-year-old boys.

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