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The perils of legal forms...

From a locked post on customers_suck, quoted with permission.

Bureaucracy really sucks. Here's why. :-)


5.) We ask for names and addresses repeatedly, and request similar information in multiple places on our forms. I understand this can be a tad confusing. Filling out every single blank where we ask for ANY name with YOUR name, however, is simply inexcusable. You are not your own mother, father, child, doctor, pharmacist, specialist, legal representative, and hospital. Not even schizophrenics claim to be buildings.

6.) Unless your doctor regularly beats you with a club, he is not a condition. Please don't list him as such. Likewise, your ex-husband is not an address and "yes" is not a date. Furthermore, if we ask for a date of death, the proper response is not to circle the word "death" in the question and leave the blank empty. This does not answer the question - instead, it just makes me hate you.



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