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Cruise-Holmes: The Kama Sutra Solution

LJ feeds count as metaquotes, one hopes. This is from defamer_atom:

We've all seen at least dozen instances of their utterly unconvincing tonsil-hockey, and our involuntary reverse-peristaltic reactions have long given way to reflexive yawns. It's time, finally, for this crazy-in-junket-love pair to escalate the charade to PR Defcon 4 and call a worldwide press conference, wherein the couple performs with heterosexual vigor every position in the Kama Sutra beneath 50 foot monitors showing a continuous loop of both the War of the Worlds and Batman Begins trailers. After the completion of the final position (the "Crippled Butterfly Wheelbarrow," if memory serves), Scientology officials will take the couple's e-meter readings and publicly certify that both parties fully enjoyed the proceeding acts of congress. Anything short of this coup de grace is going to look like amateur hour.

The full post is here. Defamer should be on your feed list if it isn't already.

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