Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition (wowthatisminty) wrote in metaquotes,
Our Lady Of Perpetual Repetition


In this post, drabheathen pulls a MacGyver and fixes her glasses with string.

drabheathen: Ha, attractiveness. I SPIT ON YOU. Just SPIT.
umbrarumcantus: so you spit on yourself, then? settle for a spitting on a limb, or tilt your head back, use enough force to get some lift and let gravity do its thing?
drabheathen: No, not on me, I spit on... oh. Took me a minute. ;D I'd like to try spitting into the air and getting out of the way. It seems like a Calvin thing to do.
umbrarumcantus: i'm guessing you meant the Calvin of Bill Watterson, but i'm amused by trying to imagine an enlightenment philosopher Reformationist religious leader doing that. "Whether mine own spit shall land upon mine face has been known by God since He created time, yet spit I shall anyway. For it is not my success or failure in dodging, such a mortal and transitory act, that shall determine my eventual place in heaven or hell. Hmm. Perhaps the ability to dodge one's own spittle is the true mark of the saved on Earth. I shall have to consider this further."


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