Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

from fangirluprising, an offshoot of sages_of_chaos, when astrayblue2nd tries to fix the damage done to the Death Star (LOOOOONG STORY):

astrayblue2nd: Very well. *grabs huge piles of synthetic -or something super strong- rope, and flys towards the wreckage. Circles around it and ties it hard. Activated Mr.T mode and swings the whole thing all over, and lets it go. as soon as it reaches Orbit, the Blue Frame grabs the rope before it flys away, and the Death Star stops dead above orbit.*

I threw THAT THING HELLUVA FAR!!! And stopped that sucka right above orbit! I pity da...

*shuts down Mr.T mode*

... Ok, that was a long time coming.

teen_hal: I'm pretty sure the physics of that was utterly impossible.


astrayblue2nd: Actually, it is. But this is the Nexus, and I'm suppose to be a manned vehicle that is NOT suppose to be sentient. So if I was in my universe, I'll lose both arms trying to lift that thing within a planet.

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