The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga (deltashade) wrote in metaquotes,
The Pauper of the Surf, the Jester of Tortuga

notmonkey on fanficrants has this to say on the subject of pairing warnings. The highlight, I believe, is this:

[W]hat I want to know is what harm are you actually going to come to if you accidentally read a fic which does not contain your pairing of choice?


Will it cause you to go into some kind of self-questioning state in which the warnings that have held your life so safely in place thus far no longer apply so that you throw the radio into the bath, tip your freshly boiled electric kettle over your head and ignore the 'Do Not Drink' sign on the bleach bottle and toast your own new state of enlightenment with a Domestos Martini clutched in your shaking, scalded hand?

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