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Ah, the gay agenda.

A virgin of the metaquotes temple, bringing forth the funny. Quoted with permission, from ellielabelle

On The Gay in Doctor Who, ellielabelle comes up with:

Russell T Davies' Homosexual Agenda

Attending: RTD, Captain Jack Harkness, The Only Gay in the Village, Sir Ian McKellen, the editor of Attitude, Will Young, the bloke from 'he's gay and she's an alien', Ace, Sooty, Sweep, Zippy, Bungle and George.

Apologies: Shipper!Dalek is unavoidable detained in a bunker in Utah. The gay Slitheen are unavoidably dead and the Nestene Conciousness (which is a lesbian) is also ded of anti-plastic. (aaaaaaanti-plastic!)

Absent: The Face of Boe and the Moxx of Balhoun. (does anyone know which couples resort they went off to? Anyone?)

Item 1: How do we make Doctor Who a bit more gay? Strategies/suggestions/humorous insertions/subliminal messaging/flouncing male characters/making the Doctor a big rampant space h0r and inviting Gay Ace Rimmer along for the *ahem* ride?

Item 2: Are we allowed to stick a rainbow flag on the Tardis? (plus other options for the Doctor to exhibit knowledge of good interior design, ie: Pimp My Tardis, Queer Eye for the Straight Slitheen, cameos from Colin & Justin in Bad Wolf episode?)

Item 3: Results from fanboy focus group testing of new improved gay Doctor Who (plus, we're so sorting out who has to pay the carpet cleaning bill. Imploding fanboy heads make such a mess)

Item 4: Is it too late to make Rose a lesbian? Or at least a bit on the bisexual side?

Item 5: Possible Doctor Who Late Night Special storylining (plus implications of interspecies rimming scenes on existing canon)

Item 6: Any other bumming business.

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