Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva") (tikvah) wrote in metaquotes,
Tikvah (not to be confused w/the fabulous "Tikva")

The background:

My friend wildfleurs is in a full-time long-term BDSM relationship with a man she refers to as her owner. Let's just say that they play very rough, and it makes them both very happy.

Today she posted about planning her summer calendar.

The metaquote:

"As my owner says, you can't beat a woman with a plan, though I keep on telling him that he can and does."

A bonus giggle:

After I stopped laughing, I read the post to my non-LJ housemate, who knows wildfleurs and her owner IRL. His response was: "Now I'm picturing [wildfleurs's owner] whacking her with a set of rolled-up blueprints."

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