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You KNOW the RP's Bad When...

" decide to trump all the "gorgeous raven tresses", "all the curves in all the right places", and "her eyes were so deep you could lose yourself in them"s by coining the phrase "her cleavage was so deep you could lose yourself in it" just to see how everyone reacts."

magdaleina, here.

More! A metameta, because I thought it was great.

Music's a bugger to describe in words too. I've just had the following conversation with someone on MSN, when trying to explain Beethoven's never-ending cadences (friend of a friend of a friend's father reckoned that Beethoven just couldn't come) to a friend who knows nothing about music:

Me: a cadence is like saying "That's it," at the end of a story, or of a paragraph, in a smaller way. Often used for ending phrases, and used importantly for ending movements. "That's it" is two words, right?
Her: What's a movement? [Digression to explain what a movement is.]
Me: Beethoven does the equivalent of this:
That's it! That's it! That that that that's it, that's it, that's it, THAT'S IT, THAT'S - IT. It itty-itty-itty-itty-itty-IT.
(multiply by about ten)

elettaria, here.

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