Resident of Spring Street (pknight) wrote in metaquotes,
Resident of Spring Street

My friends lead more interesting lives than I

rin_kali has a surreal celebrity sighting coming back from LA

Okay, okay! Here's the icing on the cake! I was getting on my plane this morning (which I almost missed) and I just squeaked through the doors. I had to walk through the first class to get to my stupid crappy seats and as I walked through a man reached across right in front of me to hand his wife something on the other side of the aisle, which required me to stop short because his arm was literally inches away from me. Then I actually looked at the guy and you'll never guess who it was. Never, not in a million years. There's no way you could see this coming it is THAT random. I looked up the arm and it belonged to none other than . . . . . . . . Dog the Bounty Hunter!!!!! There he was in all his peroxide blonde, oober-tanned, machismo glory. Neck as thick as my head. With his wife and kids and various other bleached and tanned relatives. I, to say the least, did a double take and then almost tripped and fell on my face. It was surreal. He's people! Just like you and me, only he goes first class. Then when we got to DIA he was in the same traincar as me, and he even waited on the same curb for his ride as I did. I . . .all I can say is WOW! No that's not true, I can also say in all ernesty that if I ever committed a crime I would NOT want THAT guy chasing me down! Holy crap was he huge! To quote a book ". . . his hands were like trashcan lids and his feet, in their leather boots, were like baby dolphins."

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