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A rant about jeans that don't fit.

bloodybrilliant rants about the non-availability of straight-legged jeans.

Also, why the fuck can't I EVER find straight leg jeans?!?!? I mean, EVERY THING is fucking FLARE LEG AND FUCK A FLARE LEG!!!!! I was SO OVER THAT TEN YEARS AGO WTF WHEN I WAS TEASED CAUSE JENY AND I WORE THEM!!!!!! FUUUUUCK!!!!! Is it too much to ask for a nice straight leg jean that does not cost $90 or more???? Is it??? WHy can't Levi's fit me??? Why are they made for people with a nice bum and with hips??? Can't they make Levi's for people shaped like (JUST SHAPED LIKE) 12 year old boys???? I mean, I DON"T want to buy little boy's pants cause they are NOT made for 20-something year old GIRLS/WOMEN/LADIES SHAPED like little boys. They just don't fit me either. FUUUUCK!!!! I want a good pair of jeans that are NOT "boot-leg" (those are sooo "boot" that they are flares) and stupid flares!!! AUGH!!! *RAGE*SCREAM*RANT*
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