I confess: You're a bigger idiot than I thought! (lunza) wrote in metaquotes,
I confess: You're a bigger idiot than I thought!

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a_nonnie_moss said in a locked post, quoted with permission:

wal-mart is so much fun. went there today to get some junk and to people watch. oh, and i always feel cleaner and skinnier when i go there. heh. i'll go to hell for that one, but damn, people! they fucking sell soap there! look into it!
and honey, grungy pink stretch pants and a halter top don't do much for that cellulite and beer belly, okay?
one dude had a belt buckle the size of a turkey serving platter. it was big enough for the horse on it to damn near be actual size. his boots were scuffed in all the right places though, so i think he really won that buckle in a competition.
"ain't" and "i don't got no" are considered acceptable forms of grammar in the check-out line.
chica, that case of slimfast and that box of twinkies will not cancel each other out.
the couple yelling across the parking lot was amusing.
"i got a fuckin' PPO on you, asshole! you can't come inna the goddamn store when i'm in here!"
"fuck you, bitch! i was here first! call the goddamn cops!"
"i will! i'm callin' 'em now! anybody gots a cell phone? i needs a cell!"
i didn't see either of them packing heat, so i felt somewhat safe to pass...

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