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A Visit to MOBA

zeppo visits the Museum of Bad Art.

The next image that stopped me dead in my tracks was the mysterious "Inspiration." Wavering in its lack of basic understanding in the human form is really only the tip of the iceberg here. So many questions go unanswered; who is this magical arc angel with the head of a werewolf? Who is the Tom Thumbish monk staring devotedly onto the angel's visage even though he is clearly down a hallway and couldn't possibly have a unobstructed view? Why are the dozens of pipes scattered so liberally about the room seemingly unconnected to a keyboard that is less like a pipe organ and more like a vintage Yamaha electric piano from the seventies?
While pondering important questions like these I imagined the man in his Dickensian garb so moved he carefully pushes the "bossanova" button.
I could almost hear the beat: bah, bahbah, bahdum bahdum... bah, bahbah, bahdum bahdum...

Full entry here.

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