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Handbasket extra

ariskari is goping to hell, as she states here.

Conversation I had with my friends at the pub last night. My friends decided I wasn't allowed to here this particular conversation they were having because I was too 'innocent' *looks at stash of links to smutty fan drawn manga* right. Anyway, I decided to prove them wrong by giving them some of my insites from fandom.

I decided to go for the big guns straight away by talking about Bible slash. I said that there was Bible fanfictions, but that the other day I'd been wondering about how far people took it. And frequenting the Harry Potter fandom quite a lot I have a fair few idea about how far things could be taken. I told them that there was probably a fic out there where Jesus was having Mohammad's mpreg baby. As Rachel's jaw dropped I decided to go one step further. Telling her that there was probably another one out there where Jesus got gang raped by Guru Nanak and his mates and then the Mpregnancy occured with the healing sex that followed. That I could come up with this so easily shows I've been reading bad fanfiction too much.

But Rae's response was hysterical. "You can't gang rape Jesus!"

The rest of us nearly fell off our chairs. Except Tian who was being quietly drunk in the corner. This led to a nice conversation about the rest of the Holy Trinity. Threesomes and such and how God raped the world or something. Rather strange. I think it was more than enough to count as very serious blasphemy. So we're all going to hell. I've told her I'll save Rae a seat with tofunugget by the pillar of baby skulls.

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